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Robomed can offer you a complete product design and development service, from prototyping stage to fully CE certified product. With our loyal and verified partners, we guarantee complete manufacturing of final product on the highest quality level.

Our design and development cycle follows the ISO13485 standard concept. The design work is based on 3D approach and relies on licensed SolidWorks and AltiumDesigner program packages. Our systems are controlled by state of the art 8-bit or 32-bit microcontrollers (like AVR or ARM Cortex-M7), Intel FPGA circuits or Windows based embedded PC computers. Licensed IAR-AVR or IAR-ARM C-compilers are used for firmware design.


Robomed has been successfully involved in CE certification of more than 15 medical or non-medical systems. The developed products and generated documentation were tested according to IEC or EN standards. Robomed works closely with SIQ certification house (www.siq.si). We also have an in-house ESD test setup, which allows us to perform ESD testing of developed prototypes or finished products.

Our products

D-Med Compact

The diversety of applications makes D-Med Compact diode laser an indinspensable tool for every dentist.

Laser source laser diode, 810 nm or 980 nm

Operation mode continuous wave, pulsed mode

Power 8 W (continuous)

Peak pulse 15W (pulsed mode)

Frequency / Pulse repetition mode 1 – 30 kHz

Supply voltage 110 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz

Integrated rechargeable battery up to 4 hours of working time

Replaceable tips 200, 300 & 400 µm

Weight 1,5 kg

Dimensions dia. 160 x 100 mm

Gingivectomy, Operculectomy, Frenectomy, Crown lengthening, Soft tissue excision, Implant exposure, Perio pockets, Peri-implantitis, Root canal sterilization, Bleaching, Aphthae and herpes, TMJ, Biostimulation, Haemostasis;

touch display
replaceable tips
diode laser, 980 nm

About us

Robomed is composed of expert engineers, working in the area of product design, development and CE certification. Our mission is to design complex medical or non-medical systems from prototype stage to a fully CE certified product. Our vision is to become an important and recognizable medical devices manufacturer in the medical device industry.


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